Salient Hush  Solo exhibition at 100 Rochester Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 16 November - 17 December, 2017.  Press release:  Holli McEntegart’s work produces tension between the seen and the unseen, using performance, video, sculpture and installation. Since 2010 McEntegart has been working closely with a range of spiritual practitioners from a variety of esoteric modalities, including psychic mediums, spiritual healers, pagan witches and, most recently, The Aetherius Society. Each one has passed on a different tool and learned action which McEntegart has incorporated into projects developed in tandem with the spiritual practitioners. Hers is a process of kneading together two perspectives: what we feel we know, and what we can’t know. This is exemplified in magical thinking, conjuring and spell making.   The work reveals itself in the unfolding and unearthing of process. The gallery space is transformed into an immersive environment with video, sculpture and drawings that examine the storage of trauma alongside notions of labor and endurance. The dualities in McEntegart's practice—action and stillness, trauma and healing, ephemeral and enduring—are the opposing forces in which to consider how memory is contained in body and object.     
  Salus  Single channel video, 10:14 Six hour performance, 700 tons of rock salt, reclaimed maple, brass, metal dowsing rods, beachwood pendulum, sage, found image, stones gathered from Mt Wakefield, NZ, one of the 19 Holy Mountains of The Aetherius Society.
In Loving Memory
  Temenos  3 hour performance, 400 pounds of rock salt, 10 hessian sacks, 2014  400 pounds of rock salt traced by hand onto the ground at Socrates Sculpture Park, NY. Creating, from memory, a full-scale replica of the architectural footprint of a building, and site of trauma.  Salt has a long history of use in purification and protection rituals, its use marks a significant attempt to elevate the site of trauma into a sacred space. Both a healing agent and a corrosive, salt speaks to symbolic theology, mysticism, currency and survival, but ultimately it is a requirement for human survival. It is a trace element, and without it the balance of life is at stake. Projecting a memory back into three dimensional space, by creating a temenos, a spell binding or magic space of land cut off and reserved for kings, a physical manifestation of internal healing, a metaphor to conceptualize therapeutic space, or a site for an encounter with the unconscious. Considering the ways in which material could be used and employed to activate a given space. I am interested in enacting or suggesting the experience of a possible site for recovery, connecting an actual existing site to another distant, logistically fraught site, as a means of drawing a line between the energy contained in each.
  1848 to 1957  Rock salt, wood, vintage postcard, sunlight, 2013 Installation detail  100kgs of rock salt traced by hand onto the floor in a scale model replica of the floor plan of the basement of Fox Cottage. Site specific installation work conceived as a reaction to the experience of my journey to Hydesville, NY, USA in April 2013.   Fox Cottage is the birthplace of Modern American Spiritualist Movement and a Memorial to the Fox Family who lived in the cottage at the time Margaret and Katie Fox aged 9 and 11 years received the first proof of the continuity of life. This marked the beginning of the Modern American Spiritualism movement, March 31, 1848. This cottage was bought and moved from Hydesville, N. Y. in May 1916 by Benjamin F. Bartlett.
  Pokarekare Ana  C-Type Photograph, 52x50in, 2012  Two billboards posted between in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, while the artist attempted to teach the Pittsburgh Banjo Club, a local Blue grass club and a young boy who played the mandolin, to play  Pokarekare Ana . A traditional New Zealand love song written in Maori and popularised by Maori solders the during World War I.