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400 pounds of rock salt traced by hand onto the ground at Socrates Sculpture Park, NY. Creating, from memory, a full-scale replica of the architectural footprint of a building, and site of personal trauma.

Salt has a long history of use in purification and protection rituals, its use marks a significant attempt to elevate the site of trauma into a sacred space. Both a healing agent and a corrosive, salt speaks to symbolic theology, mysticism, currency and survival, but ultimately it is a requirement for human survival. It is a trace element, and without it the balance of life is at stake. Projecting a memory back into three dimensional space, by creating a temenos, a spell binding or magic space of land cut off and reserved for kings, a physical manifestation of internal healing, a metaphor to conceptualize therapeutic space, or a site for an encounter with the unconscious. Considering the ways in which material could be used and employed to activate a given space. I am interested in enacting or suggesting the experience of a possible site for recovery, connecting an actual existing site to another distant, logistically fraught site, as a means of drawing a line between the energy contained in each.

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