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Scouting Heretical Alignments

3 hour performance, single channel video, 9:00 minutes, 2013
Video sill

Scouting Heretical Alignments, a performance work and installation staged specifically for Transforming Topographies and The Lab at the 5th Auckland Triennial, Auckland Art Gallery. Working with Natalie Huggard (President of the New Zealand Foundation of Spiritualist Mediums), dousing rods were used to identify and mark out the ley lines (or energy fields) that run through the building footprint of the Auckland Art Gallery, marking both the positive and negative ley lines. The aim was to redirect the negative energy lines away from the building, whilst pulling the positive energy lines in towards an identifiable and exact site within The Lab project space. Scouting Heretical Alignments considers the concept of an impossible community, one that exposes historical narratives through physical presence into one space, and the possibilities that occur when the two collide. It is only through direct human engagement and intervention, which enables the conversation with the past to occur in the now, where the distant coincides with the here. Without channeled intervention the project cannot exist. Through a physical negotiation a portal is opened into the present. The latent is brought into being. The question arises, how can a site of maximum energy mergence be identified? 

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